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We provide Certificate in Logistics Management from UTM SPACE.


Certificate in Logistics Management

Why study this way, SPM school leavers?
1. Fastest way to earn a qualification of quality.
2. Most affordable way to earn a qualification at half the time and 1/4 the cost compared to full time study. Fresh from SPM, it takes 2 3/4 years to obtain a diploma qualification and costs RM 45,000 under full time study. But it takes only 1 1/2 years and costs RM 14,600 if you study the UTM SPACE diploma course with us. UTM is a top three recognised and established University in Malaysia. And recognised internationally.
3. Work and Study.
4. Professional Diploma is EPF claimable, easy monthly installment payments.
5. Certificate issued by established and recognized top 3 Government University in Malaysia - UTM SPACE.
6. Qualified, experienced lecturers from the industry.
7. Relevant syllabus directly related to the industry.
8. JCM Consultants is an authorised smart partner of UTM SPACE.
9. Matrix Card and Convocation from reputable, recognized and established University for Professional Diploma graduates.
10.Useful for future career advancement.

Program Structure
There will be 10 Modules

1. Logistics Management
2. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
3. Foundation of Transportation
4. Internationaal Business
5. Foreign Trade Policies
6. Export Trade And Documentation
7. Purchasing Management
8. Production Logistics
9. Transportation, Containerization And Distribution
10. Project And Materials Management