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We provide Professional Diploma in Integrated and Shipping Management courses

Professional Diploma in Integrated Logistics and Shipping Management

UTM SPACE draws on their combined expertise to intoduce the innovative Programme in logistics and shipping that will lead to the "Professional Diploma in Integrated Logistics and Shipping Management". The programme is intended to enable participants to apply logistics and shipping Management concepts and principles to their work environment in a realistic manner for their career advancement. Every module provides a sound coverage of theoretical and practical concepts and skills in specific areas of logistics and shipping practice. This program is effective and very valuable because it is very relevant to those in the logistics industry and practical to help students in their work and career advancement.

The pathway for this course can lead you to a degree or master level qualification

Program Structure
There will be 11 Modules

1. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
2. Transportation Systems and Carrier Management
3. Procurement Management
4. Inventory, Warehousing and Store Management
5. Introduction to Shipping Practice and Incoterms
6. Globalisation of the Logistics and Shipping Industry
7. Fundamentals of Port Management
8. Freight Forwarders, Shipping and Custom Procedures
9. Human Resource Management in Logistics and Shipping Industry
10. Logistics Information Systems
11. Marketing in Logistics Industry
12. Project Paper